What's in a name?

Hello, my name is Sophie and suddenly, one day without warning - cupcakes found me.

I think inside all of us is a fat girl trying to get out and the truth is - I love food.


Whenever I had a spare five minutes I would trawl through Pinterest, Instagram, and various blogs and vlogs finding unique recipes and talented bakers working from home and without wanting to sound cliched, the food found me. I became a little addicted, obsessed even. Baking up batch after batch, up until the early hours trying to perfect each recipe I attempted and then adapted. Eventually my husband and I agreed that continuing to consume several dozen cupcakes a week was not a viable path and that something had to be done. I began cake bombing friends and family and in a completely organic way word of mouth started to take effect.


I started to get requests and little sparks of inspiration would hit me. That’s how I ended up here now writing this to go on my website and I hope through continued word of mouth as well as social media or on good faith and appetite alone - you might place an order.


Why the name?

I will explain later, in the meantime I have some cakes to bake...

2018 - Cake Tourettes, Bournemouth, UK

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